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True story - the importance of trauma insurance

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Personal risk insurance acts as the foundation for the success and overall longevity of your financial well being.

Taking the time to plan for unforeseen events allows you freedom of choice and give you the ability to protect your assets and sustain your personal and family quality of life.

What is trauma insurance cover?

Trauma insurance pays a Lump Sum benefit if you are diagnosed with a specified medical condition. The types of conditions which can potentially trigger a trauma claim payment are varied. They may include serious illnesses and injuries such as:-

  • heart disorders including heart attack, coronary artery disease, cardiomyopathy
  • blood disorders such as aplastic anaemia, and medically or occupationally acquired HIV, Hep B and C
  • nervous system disorders including stroke, motor neurone disease, and multiple sclerosis
  • body organ disorders such as cancer, blindness, chronic lung or liver disease, and major organ or bone marrow transplant
  • other serious events including paralysis, the loss of physical independence

A true story

Sarah is a 38-year-old anaesthetist, whose close friend Jane was recently diagnosed with early-stage cervical cancer and was unable to continue working due to her illness.

Jane is a part-time general practitioner and she is also the main earner for her young family.

Fortunately, Jane had taken out trauma insurance through us, and was able to claim under her policy for cervical cancer and receive a lump sum payment of $384,000, which relieved the burden of meeting the costs of living, mortgage payments, and her ongoing medical expenses.

Her friend’s diagnosis was a wake-up call to Sarah that she also needed to make sure her risk insurance was up to date. Based on our advice, Sarah now has adequate trauma and other risk coverage, giving her peace of mind that her financial security will be protected if she suffers a serious illness or injury.

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