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Travelling to make a difference

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If you were thinking of taking an extended holiday in the near future, but still want to keep working at least some of the time, the concept of voluntourism (otherwise known as volunteer vacationing) may be the thing for you.

Combining travel and a professional vocation can be especially rewarding if you have:Travelling to make a difference

  • a strong interest in a particular cause, project, or field
  • a desire for an authentic experience that isn’t achievable as a tourist
  • the desire to “give back” to people in some way.

From young people seeking a different experience for their gap year, to well-established professionals contemplating a sabbatical—there is something to suit everyone.

Be aware that volunteer vacationing can involve working in remote or politically unstable regions, so a willingness to work in these conditions may be required.

For medical and health professionals, the options are endless. For further information on projects that may suit your background, refer to, or visit for a full list of humanitarian organisations that require health professionals.

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