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Introducing A New System From 1 July 2017 for Exchanging Key Documents

The era of exchanging information via the less secure means of post, facsimile and email is coming to an end.  Business to client communications are now more inclined to be conducted through the Internet using Web Portals which operate with enhanced encrypted security.

We would like to introduce a Web Portal to ensure security and confidentiality of data.

Our Virtual Cabinet Portal allows you to receive, review, sign and return documents digitally in a secure, simple and swift manner. You can also instantly download a copy of your signed paperwork for your records.

Documents are signed using a ‘digital signature’ (rather than a scanned version of your own signature). The digital signature is as simple as ticking a box to say that you either accept or decline the document. It is fully encrypted using the very latest AES-256 bit encryption which is completely secure and traceable. It is now accepted in law that this form of digital signature is legally binding and will be confirmed if challenged in a court of law.

From 1 July 2017 we will cease using email as a method to send any personal documents (for example BAS’s, Tax Returns, Assessment notices, ASIC notices and Invoices) and will use the Virtual Cabinet Document Portal as our sole means of digital document delivery. We will continue to use email to correspond with you. The portal will be for the exchange of documents.

This email address will be the Primary address for contact. If you would prefer an alternative, please let me know

If you would prefer to opt out of using Virtual Cabinet  – please let me know asap but I am confident this initiative will be an improvement to efficiency and security. We also note that recent changes to privacy legislation mean many sensitive documents should no longer be emailed. The Portal is a secure alternative to email for exchanging documents;

Over the next 3 -4 weeks, you will receive an email via the Portal which contains two documents, the first will be a summary of the Benefits of the Portal and the second, a Consent Form to be signed (digitally).

This email will be sent from the Bongiorno (NSW) Group and as it will be your first interaction with the Portal, you will be prompted to setup a login before proceeding to the documents.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me or our IT Team led by Patrick Adonis.

Vince Lagana


Level 6 Edgecliff Centre

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Ph:  02 9326 2788


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