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Welcome to the February issue of the Bongiorno newsletter.

In this edition, we’ll take you through ways to make your cash assets work harder, a compilation of tax advice from our top advisers, and a snapshot of the importance of life insurance.

Because of its critical importance, we are also republishing a recent article regarding the biggest changes to superannuation in 10 years.

If you own real estate or have a defined benefits super fund, or you’re over 50, we strongly recommend you act before 30 June or, ideally, before 31 May.

If you’d like more information about the topics covered in this issue, we’d be delighted to assist.


Bongiorno (NSW) Group

The Bongiorno & Partners (NSW) Essay Competition closed today, 28 February 2017. Thank you to everyone who shared their ideas on improving the public hospital sector in NSW and the ACT. We look forward to announcing the winners soon, and to presenting our submissions report.