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Welcome to the September edition of E-Link!

In this edition, we look at the differences between an offset and redraw loan account. We also illustrate the importance of establishing trauma insurance cover by highlighting a real-life case study our advisers recently assisted with.

We compare the benefits of prioritising your mortgage or investing funds elsewhere, to help you decide which strategy suits you best.

We also show you the estate planning essentials that you should have in place to minimise the financial and emotional impact that your death will have on your loved ones.

Lastly, in a new initiative for e-link, we have a lifestyle article that highlights some ways to combine volunteer work with world travel.

We hope you enjoy these articles and find them informative. As always, we love to hear your feedback, so please share your comments with us using the link above.


The Bongiorno Team

Making the most of your loan

Do you know the difference between an offset and a redraw account? If you have investment properties, choosing the right account can help you avoid an undesirable tax position.
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Should you pay your mortgage or invest?

Have you wondered which option makes better financial sense—paying down the mortgage or investing elsewhere? Find out the pros and cons of each strategy.
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True story - the importance of trauma insurance

A true story of how trauma insurance helped a Bongiorno client who had suffered from a critical illness and was unable to work. Could this happen to you?
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Estate planning essentials

It can be confronting to think about the distribution of your assets after your death but by sorting out three key estate planning issues you can give your loved ones financial peace of mind.
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Travelling to make a difference

Have you ever wanted to work and travel at the same time? Here are some ideas to get you started!
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