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Interest rates: the honeymoon’s over

We all enjoyed lower interest rates during 2009, but what lies ahead as the Australian economy recovers? If you have a home or business loan, or depend on income from investments to fund your lifestyle or retirement, click on the link below to see how rising interest rates will affect you during 2010. Read More »

Recapping the caps

Are you aware that the superannuation rules have changed again? New legislation has made it more difficult to save for retirement, and you need to be careful that you are making the right level of contributions this financial year. If you salary sacrifice into super, or have contributions paid by an employer, please click on the link below to find out how to keep your super affairs in order. Read More »

Lessons from the GFC

The famous banker J.P. Morgan once claimed that the only certainty about the stock market is that “it will fluctuate”. The recent Global Financial Crisis (GFC) is a testament to Morgan’s prediction, but what can we learn from the worst market downturn since the Great Depression? Read More »

Underinsurance - are you at risk?

How would you or your family members manage financially if you became sick or injured, or died? Could they enjoy the same lifestyle? Could your children attend the same schools? Or would their emotional shock be compounded by financial distress? Read More »

Important dates to remember

It’s good to know what’s on the horizon, so each quarter we will summarise important upcoming dates relevant to your financial and tax affairs. Read More »